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What is Change Agent Board?
Change Agent Board brings together executives offering software or services with companies that must change their business practices.

One of the biggest reasons B2B sellers fail is stalled pipeline. 

Buyers love your offering, but are afraid to move forward.  Traditional lead generation and sales methods can´t solve this problem. 

As a Change Agent Board member, you build credibility as an expert in what companies need to do to work with you and help clients get budget for your offerings. 

As a board member, you participate in a recorded topic discussion, and receive a professional video, for use in your own marketing programs. 

And most importantly........You get a new way to build your pipeline.
Become Known as the Expert in Your Market 
with Change Agent Board
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Gain recognition in targeted markets as a Trusted Brand, offering value to both sides...

Get invaluable insight from peer participants, overcome common buyer challenges.

Focus on improving the strengths & correcting the weaknesses of your offerings...

Master overcoming objections with successful formulas & identify threats to your market...
“Larry has helped me across the entire marketing and sales lifecycle. He brings a new level of professional sales to my prospect follow-ups. Better still is his openness to continuously improve his services, 
so my company receives optimum business 
development results.”

“Larry Kaul and his organization provide a significantly better and more strategic approach to sales. They are a great fit for anyone selling a product with significant value added.  A consult with Larry will no doubt be the first step in moving your sales process to a new level.”

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Larry Kaul - Change Agent Board

Five Ideas for Companies Selling to  Risk-Averse Executives 
Written by Larry Kaul
Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing number of new clients wanting to sell B2B services or software that require their customers to dramatically change their business practices.
The new business challenges they faced were simple to identify but very complex to solve. Companies that buy from our clients dig in their heels and resist innovation at all costs. The reasons are front and center...

What Will You do When Your Prospects Put all 
New Initiatives on Hold? 
Written by Larry Kaul
Written by Larry Kaul
With some exceptions, many companies today find themselves in a very serious quandary. Prospective customers are like deer in the headlights, either unwilling or unable to change what they are doing despite the urgent imperative to adopt new strategies.
There are 3 things that you can do right now if it’s true that you will not be able to reboot sales in the near-term future...

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