Innovations in 
Marketing Technology
Give a listen to Larry Kaul with Wayland Myers and their discussion about Innovations in Marketing Technology.  They address many insightful perspectives about digital marketing trends, their successes and failures.  Their expertise in this area is cultivated from many years of working with different types of businesses, in both consulting and advisory capacities - helping to develop profitable and effective digital presence and footprints, for their clients.

Wayland Myers - CEO, Myers Media Group

The Macrotrend Platform is a collection of proven technologies built to address the most common challenges faced today by enterprise domains in highly competitive markets.

Based on over a decade of experience working with some of the largest brands online, MMG has developed the Macrotrend Platform – a cohesive group of technological solutions to the most common challenges faced by large, competitive domains today.

**Get to market faster by using our ready-made solutions to deliver ahead of internal resource availability.

**Apply data from any analytics or digital marketing platform to product actionable results.

**Reduce the impact on your digital marketing and IT resources by leveraging MMG’s team and technologies.

**Leverage technology and tactics developed from over a decade of experience competing in the most challenging online markets.
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Change Agent Board brings together executives offering software or services with companies that must change their business practices to buy from them.
As a Change Agent Board member, you build credibility as an expert in what companies need to do to work with you, get funding for initiatives, and overcome common buyer challenges.

All board members get a free marketing video, for use in social media or in their own marketing programs. 

You also get a new way to build your pipeline.

     Larry Kaul

25 years of trial and error in the sales trenches led to creation of Kaul Sales Partners for Larry. 

Offering expertise in how to gain sales traction for companies with complex offerings in highly competitive markets, his industry experience spans virtually all client industries and markets. 

He has launched Change Agent Board to cultivate B2B partnerships, in this new marketplace.

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