The New Business 
Industry Has Changed
Please join us for our discussion regarding The New Business Industry, the changes that are happening now and how to identify and address them.  

In this episode, we hear from Larry Kaul, Dave Buch and Glen Torregiani who are sharing their expertise in how they have adapted their marketing and client interactions, to the new business culture that we are all meeting head on.   They address some critical points in identifying and polishing your approach, and that of your team, to keep your customers engaged and launch you to industry leader status,  ahead of your market competitors. 
About Change Agent Board

Change Agent Board brings together executives offering software or services with companies that must change their business practices to buy from them.
As a Change Agent Board member, you build credibility as an expert in what companies need to do to work with you, get funding for initiatives, and overcome common buyer challenges.

All board members get a free marketing video, for use in social media or in their own marketing programs. 

You also get a new way to build your pipeline.

Dave Buch

Larry Kaul

Glen Torregiani

Dave has that critical balance of technical competency and business acumen. He has held executive positions leading business intelligence initiatives for marquee companies like Capital One, Anthem and Shutterfly. Dave has also been a master-level business intelligence consultant for both Oracle and Hewlett-Packard.
25 years of trial and error in the sales trenches led to creation of Kaul Sales Partners for Larry. Offering expertise in how to gain sales traction for companies with complex offerings in highly competitive markets, his industry experience spans virtually all client industries and markets. He has launched Change Agent Board to cultivate B2B partnerships, in this new marketplace.
Glen served as a JAG Corps attorney, providing command advice and criminal defense in naval legal command. He has deep and diverse experience at the executive level in, management, operations, M&A, and finance for SMBs. For the past decade, Glen has held positions as the senior sales executive for several SMBs with global reach.
Please Join Us for a Change Agent Board Discussion

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